Friday, February 10, 2006

SpinRite - Division Overflow Error

I know someone will get a kick out of this Obremski AoE. I'm trying out SpinRite which boots off a CD and then analyzes the hard drive and/or partitions of your choice. I chose my external hard drive, because Windows won't analyze it for defrag saying that the disk may be corrupt. On a tangent, why do I have such aweful luck with external drives going bad on me? So I use it a lot, so what? Isn't that what they're there for? It hasn't even ever been exposed to the outside air, I've kept it in my cube forever next to this silly Dell.

Anyhoo, SpinRite seems already for a minute or two and then (and this happens everytime) it blows up with a big red text window which reads, from the top:

Division Overflow Error!
A critical error occurred at: 394A
from which SpineRite CANNOT recover.
The system has been halted!
PLEASE record the location shown
above, and the information given
below, and report it to us so we
can find and fix this problem...
eax: 00000000 esi: 00007FFC
ebx: 00000000 edi: 00000A0A
ecx: 00000080 ebp: 00000000
edx: 00010200 esp: 00003FEA

ds: 10B1 es: 10B1 fs: 6FE8
gs: 0040 ss: 3440 fl: 0246

Nothing is exempt from my pure aura of evil technology. Mwa ha ha ha!


Bret Hoskins said...

Hi, IAmYourUser.

I was just surfing Google for "spinrite sucks" and I found your page. It seems I'm not the only one who has had no success with this application. I have a number of different drives (Maxtor, Western Digital, IBM) and sizes (3.5", 2.5"). I've tried using Spinrite on all of them and under different computers and situations. I always get the same result: Spinrite is searching for drive ... The folks at were helpful in advising alternate suggestions, but none of them worked. You're not the only one with bad karmic hard drive vibes.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest it's a dual core processor issue. If not yet fixed someone needs to report it to GRC !

I had no problems with v6.00 until getting a dual core CPU then bang this issue. Gave up on it for now..

medlinwsp2m said...

I had a similar problem with Spinrite 6.0, but I do not have a dual core processor and I am only trying to check my local C hdd. Here's the error codes:

Division Overflow Error!
A critical error occurred at: 6DB1
from which SpineRite CANNOT recover.
The system has been halted!
PLEASE record the location shown
above, and the information given
below, and report it to us so we
can find and fix this problem...
eax: 00000000 esi: 00100000
ebx: 00000100 edi: 00090027
ecx: 00000000 ebp: 00003F7C
edx: 00000000 esp: 00003F5E

ds: 10A4 es: 6FE8 fs: 5000
gs: F000 ss: 3433 fl: 0246

ChevronX said...

Hey; I just received this error in spinrite that has occurred to a hard drive with unrecoverable errors using chkdsk. I believe this might be the horror of all errors and that the hard drive can no longer retain its data.

Backup said...

I received this same 294a error and my hard drive is working and even works with disk check I just wanted to preform maintenance on it

Anonymous said...

Is it SpinRite that sucks or your hardware! :) Unrecoverable error. Back it up. Denial is not a good backup strategy.

reyt said...
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joelsplace said...

I've been using SpinRite6 for years with no problems until today. I'm attempting to check a SATA drive on an AMD single core socket 754 box. I'm now getting 3DF7 errors when I try to check the disk. ??? Did all of you report the error to GRC?

Matt and Toni Rings said...

Using SpinRite 6.0 on a bad disk, and the program has crashed twice, same error:

Critical Erro at B04E

eax: 000D0826
ebx: 00000016
ecx: 00000000
edx: 00000140
esi: 00000000
edi: 0000003F
ebp: EB010000
esp: 00003FEE
ds: 10A4
gs: 3F71
es: 10A4
ss: 3435
fs: 6FE8
fl: 0296

Guess it's time for a trouble email to GRC, and if it won't work, that "guaranteed refund".



Anonymous said...

So, I figured out the problem! keep a close eye on the cylinder counter in the second screen. You'll notice that once it hits 65535 it crashes on the next count! The storage register used in in SpinRite for the cylinder counter was 16 bits wide. So, in disks with cylinder counts greater than 64k will fail with this error! It is suck a small fix in the aprogram that I'm shocked that no update has been made. Specially with the typical sizes of HDD these days. Shame on you Steve!

phraser said...

Yeah this crap sucks I have 0 success with this program. The Steve at grc should be more proactive if he wants to stand by his word that this is one of the best things out there for hard drives. Ive tried 3 hard drives and 2 different systems. Im not going to wait almost 2 weeks for it to finish checking on a usb2 connection... and thru sata on my desktop runs and then You get error occured at 5672 and other places. So are you guys saying this shit software does not run on dual core cpus... omg suckville

Anonymous said...

I have been using SpinRite for years and have used it a lot! On drive larger than 900Gb, even drives that are under RAID controller which is not recommended. So I don't believe there is an address problem. This program has been rock solid for me and I use it to help a lot of people. Also remember if you are running SpinRite on an external drive there could be cable problems, USB bus problems and a long list of hardware things that could go wrong. Also shame on anyone who does not have more than one backup. You are just asking to lose your data.

Hope you find a solution. :)

Anonymous said...

Spinrite seems to work find on internal drives. But I have had very little luck with Spinrite on external drives. It starts and I get this same error.

Tried different drives and USB cables. Same error.

I wish Steve fixed the bugs.

JonRosenSystems said...

Spinrite can handle any size drive; its only limited by the DOS version that is booted. The FreeDOS that comes with SpinRite has a 528mb limit, so it will crash with the critical error on 750gb and 1tb drives. Boot with a Microsoft version of DOS, such as Windows 98 DOS 7 and it will test the entire drive.

Anonymous said...

JonRosenSystems: I am not sure how to go about that. The freedos loads automatically and I am not sure how to force it to boot a different dos. Can you explain?

Mike Thomas said...

spinrite put this error down to bad bios motherboard, found it on their website - they claim nothing to do with them - all to do with buggy motherboard and data transfer methods.

Anonymous said...

I've used spinrite about 27 time and only had it fail about 3 times and that was only when I was using a newer version of windows. Maybe, your just not as tech savy as you would like to think you are?!

Just my one cent cause it seems like two might be to much for you.

hOrea Rusu said...

I am new user of spinrite and I have an error.What can I do? 'criticat error 5672 system has been halted'

Anonymous said...

I figure I have to throw in my 2 cents... I have used spinrite for YEARS on 100's of drives. All different sizes, IDE and SATA (not sure if I have SCSI) and I have never had an issue. Single, dual and quad procs, mostly Intel and SOME AMD. I should note that I always use native interfaces (NEVER USB) but it is always run on known bad drives as I typically DO NOT reinstall OS's, I fix the problem. This is a pre-clone step for me. The first and only time I have ever encountered is today on a Dell Studio XPS. Buggy BIOS? Maybe but I must say that overall this software has worked BETTER than I expected over the years. Some drives are to far gone but in general, it rocks. I will pop this drive onto one of my bench machines and my bet is that it will work flawlessly.

So... I would say that overall it is safe to say that this is a great piece of software if you have the need!

Anonymous said...

goto for fix, issue is DOS used not spinrite